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Change at the presidency of the IMAA in prospect

On occasion of this year’s technical congress of the International Mastic Asphalt Association IMAA the council set the course for a new presidency. Mikael Kinnmark (left in the picture), from the Swedish Mastic Asphalt Association GAFS, was elected in Stockholm as new IMAA president. The actual IMAA president Hans Veerman (right in the picture), from the Dutch Mastic Asphalt Association NGO, will pass the key over to Mikael Kinnmark on 1st January 2018.

Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao-Bridge (HZMB)

The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao-Bridge (HZMB) is a road connection between Hong Kong, Zhuhai and Macau. The whole, over 30 kilometres long project contains several bridges, tunnels and artificial islands. The protection layer on the bridge is made of mastic asphalt. Heinz Aeschlimann, Aeschlimann Asphalt-Engineering, Switzerland, and board member of the International Mastic Asphalt Association IMAA, is a technical consultant within this project.

Abstract of the study results of Alexander Lubach, M.Eng.

Within the framework of his master’s thesis submitted to the “Beuth Hochschule für Technik”, Berlin, Alexander Lubach, M.Eng., carried out a study on the sustainability of heavy-duty mastic asphalt wearing courses on federal trunk roads. The main objective of the thesis on this topic was to assess the sustainability of mastic asphalt wearing courses and to substantiate their durability, thus establishing the basis for a well-founded line of arguments in favour of mastic asphalt wearing courses on federal trunk roads.

The results of this study have been collected in a summary, which is available for download below.

Mastic Asphalt on the Westminster Cathedral, London

During 2015 the mastic asphalt roof covering on the Westminster Cathedral in London was renewed.

Lecture by Rafael Greño on mastic asphalt

Friday, 24th march 2017, Rafael Greño Madariaga from the National Association of Asphalt Casting (ASNAFU) will give a lecture in the Hall of Degrees of the Polytechnic School (Campus San Amaro) on mastic asphalt.

Topics of this lecture include ASNAFU and the rules of procedure as well as the manufacture and the fundamental differences with the asphalt agglomerate. Also discussed are the techniques common to mastic asphalt and their application.

Rafael Madariaga began his career in the mastic asphalt industry in 1981 when he was appointed as manager of the company Asfaltos de Maeztu (Álava), a company dedicated to the extraction of natural asphalt dust, raw material for the primary manufacture of mastic asphalt.

Mastic asphalt (MA) underlines the long-term thinking of builder-owners

Mastic asphalt applied on highways under heavy loads proofs its durability by a long lifetime. Mastic asphalt is the most economic concrete protection for parking constructions. These are only two advantages that mastic asphalt reunions. Two paper presentations at the international mastic asphalt congress 2016 in Verona/Italy treated these advantages of the construction material mastic Asphalt.

International Mastic Asphalt Congress in Verona 2016

At the international mastic asphalt congress in Verona at the beginning of October 2016, the International Mastic Asphalt Association IMAA entered a cooperation with the Russian Asphalt Pavement Association R.O.S.ASFALT. The presidents of the two associations signed a letter of intent during the congress. Left you see the IMAA president Hans Veerman (NL) and right the R.O.S.ASFALT president Nikolay Bystrov (RU).

Mastic asphalt marketing in Holland

The Dutch mastic asphalt association NGO (Nederlandse Gietasfalt Organisatie) presented mastic asphalt at the infrastructure relation days in Hardenberg in Holland.

Additionally, the NGO made a short videospot about the application of mastic asphalt by hand on a roof top:

Carlo Giavarini IMAA vice-president

The next IMAA mastic asphalt congress will take place in Verona/Italy on 6th and 7th October 2016.

It is an IMAA-tradition that the national president of the organising country will also officiate as vice-president of the IMAA. Therefore, the IMAA is pleased to announce that Carlo Giavarini, Italian representative in the IMAA council, will fulfill the vice-president function in 2016. We wish him a lot of success in this new function.

IMAA technical congress 2015 in Paris

The International Mastic Asphalt Association IMAA held its annual congress in Paris (France) on 24th and 25th September 2015.

The first day of this technical symposium was devoted to visits of two construction sites: first a mastic asphalt application on a footpath and a second site where participants were able to see the application of bright mastic asphalt with colourless binder.

On the second day, twelve papers were presented in four sessions:

(1) New construction and waterproofing Systems
(2) Health and safety and protection of the Environment
(3) Bitumen and bituminous products for mastic Asphalt
(4) Mastic asphalt production and application on the site

IMAA president Hans Veerman, from the Dutch mastic asphalt association Nederlandse Gietasfalt Organisatie NGO, welcomed over 130 mastic asphalt specialists from all over Europe as well as from China and Russia. The president of the French mastic asphalt association Office des Asphaltes OA, Jean-Michel Philippe, underlined on the one hand the efforts of the industry to invest in aspects of health and safety and on the other hand to reduce the temperature of mastic asphalt during production, transportation and application.

Besides technical discussions the IMAA's annual congress also offers the opportunity to network and meet colleagues and friends from all over the world. It is a major event of the year for people working in the mastic asphalt industry.

IMAA council held a meeting in Paris

On the occasion of the general assembly 2015 also the IMAA council convened in Paris in late September. After treatment and approval of the statutory businesses, the IMAA council dealt primarily with issues concerning occupational health and safety. The council gave numerous briefings and assignment to the corresponding IMAA working group. With this the IMAA has once again demonstrated how it systematically assumes the emission reduction during production, transportation and application of mastic asphalt. Also the venues for the upcoming IMAA symposia were adopted and fixed: for 2016 in Verona/Italy and for 2017 in Sweden.

IMAA in Turkey - at the EAPA symposium in Istanbul

IMAA was one of the exhibitioners at the EAPA symposium in June 2015 in Istanbul. More than 110 participants from all over Europe, General Directorates of the Turkish  Highways and several material and equipment producers attended.

The symposium started with an opening speech from Atyberk Ozcan ,EAPA and ASMUD president. Afterwards, keynotes from Ismail Ertug member of the European Parliament, coordinator of the Social Democrats for the Committee on Transport and Tourism (TRAN) in the European Parliament followed. He gave useful information and news about  EP with some general figures and also related to the  transportation by explaining the approaches of  Brussels.  Furthermore, he underlined the  importance of the communication within the  industry and the desicion makers in Brussels. The symposium continued with technical sessions like   warm asphalt and news from the asphalt industry . Andre Molenaar, Emeritus Professor of TU Delft, was a success with his presentation about “A life with Asphalt”.

The exhibition at the symposium, where the IMAA took part in, was a good place to meet people from Turkey who were interested in mastic asphalt. Many people visited the stand of the IMAA. Es-pecially officials from Turkey's Government authorities and contractors were asking what the IMAA stands for. We are looking forward to the reaction on our prospectus, which was translated into Turkish for this event, or other questions related to a membership in the IMAA. And of course we are hoping for membership applications. The IMAA taking part at the exhibition was due to the cooperation between EAPA and IMAA. We are looking forward to further cooperation.

Hans Veerman, President of the International Mastic Asphalt Association IMAA and Gulay Malkoc, Technical Director of Asphalt Contractor Association ASMUD, Health Safety Committee Chairman of European Asphalt Pavement Association EAPA.

The next day after the Symosium, there was a technical tour to the 3rd Bosporus Bridge under construction by utilising PPP (Public Private Partnership) system with a Built-Operate and Transfer Method.  The bridge is designed as a combination of a stay cable and a suspension bridge with the highest towers being 322 meters. For suspension bridges the longest span length between the pylons being 1408 meters for a stay cable bridge and a deck of almost 60 meters wide, for 2x4 lanes of traffic and 2 railway lanes. In the presentations the pavement of the bridge was of course also a topic. Engineering is not yet finished but according to the design mastic asphalt will be applied on the bridge deck.

This was a great opportunity to meet not only the participants of the symposium, but also the desicion makers from the General Directorate of Highways and the contractors during the technical tour and  to introduce and promote the IMAA during the symposium and the technical tour.

3rd Bosporus Bridge under construction

Cooperation between IMAA and EAPA

On occasion of the annual congress of the International Mastic Asphalt Association IMAA in St. Petersburg on 4th and 5th September 2014 the European Asphalt Pavement Association EAPA with its representative Gülay Malkoc from Turkey informed about the next Eurobitume & EAPA congress 2016 in Prague. IMAA looks forward to a good cooperation between the two organisations and thanks Gülay Malkoc attending the IMAA annual congress 2014.

Hans Veerman, IMAA president, Gülay Malkoc, chairman of health and safety working group at EAPA and technical director at Asphalt Contractors Association of Turkey, and Jürg Depierraz, IMAA secretary (from left to right).

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